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Wisconsin Republicans Focus on ‘Bidenomic’ Ahead of Milwaukee Visit


President Biden may not mention Bidenomics during his visit to Milwaukee this afternoon, but Republicans in the state talked about little else ahead of his visit.

Wisconsin Republican Chairman Brian Schimming and Northwoods Congressman Tom Tiffany spoke to reporters ahead of Biden’s stop in the state.

“It’s costing more to fill-up your gas tank, a $1.40 a-gallon more than when Joe Biden took office. We’re receiving paychecks that are literally worth less because of the cost of living being up. We’re paying 30% more for a cup of coffee. Everything in this administration has gone up,” Schimming said. “There is no amount of political spending that the president can do in Milwaukee today that can fool Wisconsinites.”

The president’s visit includes a tour of a green energy manufacturing center in Milwaukee. It is Biden’s first visit to the state in the 2024 election cycle.

Schimming noted that.

“Wisconsin is important. We’re really not one of 50 states for this election, we’re one of only five,” Schimming said. “We’ve had 12 races in the last 24 years in this state of 6 million people that have been decided by less than 30,000 votes.”

President Biden won Wisconsin by about 20,000 votes in 2020. Former President Donald Trump won the state by about 27,000 votes.

Tiffany said President Biden should talk about Bidenomics to explain to voters why things like cars and homes now cost so much.

“People are going to have to pay interest rates that are not 2% or 3% like they were paying in the previous administration. They’re now going to have to pay 7% or 8% for a new home loan,” Tiffany said. “And that’s made it further out of reach for young people to live the American dream.”

Home prices in Wisconsin are rising. The latest report from the Greater Milwaukee Association of Realtors said the average price for a home in the Milwaukee metro area is now more than $400,000.

As for the Republican presidential candidates, who will be in Milwaukee next week, Schimming avoided a specific endorsement.

“Look, we have a number of people running for president on our side,” Schimming said. “Anyone of them would be better than Joe Biden.”

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