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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

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Wisconsin Wineries, Breweries Hopeful for Wisconsin Liquor Law Rewrite

(The Center Square) – While opposition remains to Wisconsin’s planned liquor law rewrite from wedding barn owners, some breweries and wineries are celebrating the changes.

A Wisconsin Senate committee will hear testimony Thursday about the changes to Wisconsin’s three-tiered liquor law that would allow wineries and breweries to sell more directly to customers,

“For too long uncertainty surrounding the state’s alcohol laws has created a patchwork of regulation that is not only challenging for the industry, but could also better serve consumers,” the coalition representing Wisconsin’s alcohol industry said in a statement.

The coalition includes the Wisconsin Brewers Guild and Wisconsin Wine and Spirits Institute, as well as Molson Coors, The Wisconsin Tavern League and Kwik Trip.

The coalition says the rewrite “includes reforms that will streamline regulations, increase competitio, and expand choices for consumers. And while stakeholders still hold differing perspectives on individual provisions contained in the bill, this negotiated package required all coalition members to find consensus and agree to finding a solution.”

A coalition spokesman told The Center Square eliminating extraneous or outdated regulations will only help people and small businesses in Wisconsin.

“These comprehensive reforms will streamline alcohol regulations in a way that benefits Wisconsin consumers by preventing monopolies and government overreach,” the spokesman said. “This legislation builds on Wisconsin’s legacy of promoting free market competition and makes further strides toward simplifying the three-tier system for all consumers.”

While the coalition supports the liquor law rewrite as a whole, there are some members who still have questions about every piece of the package, including rules requiring wedding barns to get the same liquor licenses as bars or banquet halls. That has been a goal of the Tavern League for years.

As previously reported by The Center Square, a number of free market groups in Wisconsin said that portion of the rewrite threatens to put wedding barns out of business.

The liquor law rewrite has already passed the State Assembly. Thursday’s hearing is its first step in the Senate.

What is the Law Regarding Self Defense in Wisconsin?

In the United States, the common law principle known as the "castle doctrine" allows individuals to use deadly force, if reasonable, to protect themselves from home intruders. Variations of the castle doctrine are the law of the land in all but a handful of states. But in recent years, a number of states have expanded on the principle, allowing individuals to use deadly force in public spaces under certain circumstances, even if they have the option to safely retreat. These statutes are commonly known as "stand your ground" or "shoot first" laws.

Unlike the castle doctrine, which is deeply rooted in historical precedent, stand your ground laws represent a meaningful departure from American legal tradition. According to gun control advocacy group Giffords Law Center, stand your ground laws increase the likelihood of avoidable violence and death -- especially if firearms are involved, which, in states with these laws and weak gun control regulations, they often are.

Wisconsin is a state that does not have stand your ground laws on the books and where citizens have a legal duty to retreat from potentially dangerous public confrontations if doing so safely is possible. State residents are also required to have a permit to carry a concealed firearm in public.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there were 793 firearm-related fatalities in Wisconsin in 2021, or 13.5 for every 100,000 people, the 15th lowest gun death rate among the 50 states.

All data in this story on stand your ground laws and concealed carry regulations is from Gifford's Law Center, a gun control advocacy group. It is important to note that policy details can vary by jurisdiction.

StateStand your ground laws?Permitless concealed carry of a firearmFirearm deaths per 100,000 people, 2021Total firearm deaths, 2021AlabamaYesLegal26.41,315AlaskaYesLegal25.2182ArizonaYesLegal18.31,365ArkansasYesLegal23.3698CaliforniaNo (some protections from legal precedent)Illegal9.03,576ColoradoNo (some protections from legal precedent)Illegal17.81,064ConnecticutNoIllegal6.7248DelawareNoIllegal16.6158FloridaYesLegal14.13,142GeorgiaYesLegal20.32,200HawaiiNoIllegal4.871IdahoYesLegal16.3309IllinoisNo (some protections from legal precedent)Illegal16.11,995IndianaYesLegal18.41,251IowaYesLegal11.2364KansasYesLegal17.3503KentuckyYesLegal21.1947LouisianaYesIllegal (with exceptions)29.11,314MaineNoLegal12.6178MarylandNoIllegal15.2915MassachusettsNoIllegal3.4247MichiganYesIllegal15.41,544MinnesotaNoIllegal10.0573MississippiYesLegal33.9962MissouriYesLegal23.21,414MontanaYesLegal25.1280NebraskaNoLegal (effective Sept. 2023)10.3200NevadaYesIllegal19.8633New HampshireYesLegal8.3123New JerseyNoIllegal5.2475New MexicoNo (some protections from legal precedent)Illegal27.8578New YorkNoIllegal5.41,078North CarolinaYesIllegal17.31,839North DakotaYesLegal16.8128OhioYesLegal16.51,911OklahomaYesLegal21.2836OregonNo (some protections from legal precedent)Illegal14.9670PennsylvaniaYesIllegal14.81,905Rhode IslandNoIllegal5.664South CarolinaYesIllegal22.41,136South DakotaYesLegal14.3128TennesseeYesLegal22.81,569TexasYesLegal15.64,613UtahYesLegal13.9450VermontNo (some protections from legal precedent)Legal11.983VirginiaNo (some protections from legal precedent)Illegal14.31,248WashingtonNo (some protections from legal precedent)Illegal11.2896West VirginiaYesLegal17.3319WisconsinNoIllegal13.5793WyomingYesLegal26.1155

Trump Indictment: Profiling Meadows, Powell & Their Charges

Former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and UNC law graduate Sidney Powell are the North Carolina ties among the 18 allies of former President Donald Trump facing indictments in Georgia related to the 2020 election.

Meadows led Trump's staff from March 31, 2020, to Jan. 20, 2021, after having been the state's representative for the 11th Congressional District from 2013-20. Powell is a Durham native, with undergrad and law degrees from UNC Chapel Hill, who began her federal prosecuting career in the Western District of Texas in 1978.

The indictment in Fulton County, brought by third-year District Attorney Fani Willis, includes 13 counts against Trump of attempting to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election in Georgia. There are 161 improper acts described in the document.

President Joe Biden narrowly won the state's 16 electoral college votes, part of his 306-232 triumph.

Trump is a front-runner among Republican candidates in the 2024 presidential campaign, challenged most closely — albeit distant — by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. Trump has also been indicted in New York, Florida and Washington, D.C.

In the latest indictment, there are two counts tied to Meadows and seven linked with Powell. Trump and the other 18 are facing the count of violation of the Georgia Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, also known as the RICO Act.

Georgia, like some other states, has adopted a state RICO definition that is broader than the federal statute, and Willis is known for making use of it. A pardon, if sought, would have to come from the state's Board of Pardons and Paroles rather than a sitting president.

Only Meadows and Trump face the 28th count in the indictment, solicitation of Violation of Oath by public officer. They are accused of asking Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to unlawfully alter, adjust and otherwise influence "certified returns for presidential electors for the November 3, 2020, presidential election in Georgia," the indictment says.

Meadows from 1983-86 was manager and coordinator in customer relations and public safety with Tampa Electric, according to his biography on Ballotpedia. He was owner of a sandwich shop from 1986-90; and has been a real estate developer since 1990.

Powell, in addition to the RICO Act, faces indictments on counts 32 through 37. Two of those are Conspiracy to Commit Election Fraud, and the others are Conspiracy to Commit Computer Theft, Conspiracy to Commit Computer Trespass, Conspiracy to Commit Computer Invasion of Privacy, and Conspiracy to Defraud the State. Also facing those charges, among others, is Cathleen Alston Latham, Scott Graham Hall and Misty Hampton.

The indictment says those acts happened between Dec. 1, 2020, and Jan. 7, 2021. It involves accusations of tampering with electronic ballot markers and tabulating machines, and a payment to SullivanStrickler; and taking, appropriating, removing, examining and stealing voter information and data on software that was the property of Dominion Voting Systems Corp.

Powell, according to her LinkedIn biography, is president at Defending the Republic in Dallas. It says her specialties are "consulting in complex commercial litigation and federal appeals, corporate, legal and political strategy." She's author of the book, "Licensed to Lie: Exposing Corruption in the DOJ"; and has been at the law firm of her name since 1992.

Powell followed her time in the Texas federal office from 1978 to 1986 with a five-month stint in 1985 as assistant U.S. attorney in Norfolk, Virginia; then returned to the Northern District of Texas federal office from June 1986 to November 1988.

Biden Touts Jobs, Manufacturing in Milwaukee Visit

(The Center Square) – On paper, the Biden Administration said the president was coming to Milwaukee on Tuesday to talk about the Inflation Reduction Act. It took about 15 minutes, however, for President Biden to shift the focus to Bidenomics.

“The Financial Times and The Wall Street Journal started calling my plan, and not initially as a compliment, Bidenomics,” the president told the crowd at the Ingeteam, a clean energy manufacturer that makes wind turbine generators and is the kind of green energy job creator the president wanted to praise.

“Like the 12 solar energy projects Alliant Energy is building across Wisconsin,” Biden noted. “Paris Solar has broken ground on the state’s first, large scale battery and storage project in Kenosha County.”

The president also mentioned Siemens will open in Kenosha County, with a plant that will make solar inverters.

Biden’s visit is his first to Wisconsin during the 2024 election cycle.

He won the state by about 20,000 votes in 2020.

He didn’t talk about the race, or the group of Republicans who will be in Milwaukee next week for their presidential debate.

Instead, Biden talked mainly about jobs during his nearly hour-long speech.

“I came to Milwaukee to talk about what we’re doing to bring manufacturing back home,” the president said to a round of applause. “It’s about our progress. Building an economy from the middle out, and the bottom up. Not the top down.”

President Biden’s visit did not go without opposition.

The group Americans for Prosperity in Wisconsin was outside the president’s speech, offering its own version of Bidenomics.

“From higher gas prices to more expensive groceries, we can’t afford it anymore,” the group said.

Wisconsin is one of the key battleground states in 2024. Politicos in the state have said that whoever wins Wisconsin could very well win the White House.

Wisconsin Republicans Focus on ‘Bidenomic’ Ahead of Milwaukee Visit

(The Center Square) – President Biden may not mention Bidenomics during his visit to Milwaukee this afternoon, but Republicans in the state talked about little else ahead of his visit.

Wisconsin Republican Chairman Brian Schimming and Northwoods Congressman Tom Tiffany spoke to reporters ahead of Biden’s stop in the state.

“It’s costing more to fill-up your gas tank, a $1.40 a-gallon more than when Joe Biden took office. We’re receiving paychecks that are literally worth less because of the cost of living being up. We’re paying 30% more for a cup of coffee. Everything in this administration has gone up,” Schimming said. “There is no amount of political spending that the president can do in Milwaukee today that can fool Wisconsinites.”

The president’s visit includes a tour of a green energy manufacturing center in Milwaukee. It is Biden’s first visit to the state in the 2024 election cycle.

Schimming noted that.

“Wisconsin is important. We’re really not one of 50 states for this election, we’re one of only five,” Schimming said. “We’ve had 12 races in the last 24 years in this state of 6 million people that have been decided by less than 30,000 votes.”

President Biden won Wisconsin by about 20,000 votes in 2020. Former President Donald Trump won the state by about 27,000 votes.

Tiffany said President Biden should talk about Bidenomics to explain to voters why things like cars and homes now cost so much.

“People are going to have to pay interest rates that are not 2% or 3% like they were paying in the previous administration. They’re now going to have to pay 7% or 8% for a new home loan,” Tiffany said. “And that’s made it further out of reach for young people to live the American dream.”

Home prices in Wisconsin are rising. The latest report from the Greater Milwaukee Association of Realtors said the average price for a home in the Milwaukee metro area is now more than $400,000.

As for the Republican presidential candidates, who will be in Milwaukee next week, Schimming avoided a specific endorsement.

“Look, we have a number of people running for president on our side,” Schimming said. “Anyone of them would be better than Joe Biden.”

Read the Full Text of Trump’s Racketeering Indictment in Georgia

Former U.S. President Donald Trump faces a fourth criminal indictment in as many months.

In Georgia, a Fulton County grand jury indicted the former president on allegations he attempted to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election in the state, which narrowly went to President Joe Biden.

Trump was charged with felony racketeering and conspiracy.

Read the full-text of the indictment:

Georgia Grand Jury Indicts Trump on Charges of Attempting to Overturn 2020 Election

Former President Donald Trump was indicted for the fourth time Monday night, this time on charges related to the 2020 election in Georgia.

A Fulton County, Georgia, grand jury indicted the former president on 10 counts of attempting to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election in Georgia, which narrowly went to President Joe Biden.

Eighteen others also were indicted, including former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows, former Trump attorney and New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, and several other former Trump attorneys, among others.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, a Democrat who pledged after being elected in 2020 that she’d investigate election-interference charges in a letter to state officials, started the investigation in February 2021 that resulted in the 10-count indictment.

The campaign of Trump, the frontfunner for the GOP nomination for president in 2024, called the indictment "bogus."

"Fulton County, GA’s radical Democrat DA Fani Willis is a rabid partisan who is campaigning and fundraising on a platform of prosecuting President Trump through these bogus indictments," the statement read. "Ripping a page from Crooked Joe Biden's playbook, Willis has strategically stalled her investigation to try and maximally interfere with the 2024 presidential race and damage the dominant Trump campaign. All of these corrupt Democrat attempts will fail."

Reuters reported earlier on Monday that Fulton County officials posted and later removed information detailing charges in the case, including conspiracy to commit impersonation of a public officer, solicitation of violation of oath by public office and false statements and writings.

Trump's attorneys blasted the Fulton County District Attorney's office for the reported leak, which occurred before the grand jury proceedings had finished. They maintained the incident suggested the case was mired in constitutional errors.

Trump has also been indicted in New York, Florida and Washington, D.C.

The New York case involves allegations Trump paid former porn star Stormy Daniels to keep quiet ahead of the 2016 presidential election about an alleged affair that Trump denies. The Florida charges stem from his handling and retention of classified documents after his time as president. bThe Washington, D.C., indictment is related to his contesting the 2020 election and connection to the Jan. 6, 2021, storming of the U.S. Capitol building.

EXCLUSIVE: Former Director of State Courts Files Complaints Against 4 Liberal State Supreme Court Justices & His Replacement

Former Director of State Courts Randy Koschnick has filed complaints against the four liberal state supreme court justices and his replacement, arguing that her appointment is illegal. Earlier this month, Koschnick was fired after Liberal Justice Janet Protasiewicz was sworn in, giving the liberals the fourth vote they need to control the court. Koschnick filed five complaints Tuesday with the Wisconsin Judicial Commission requesting an investigation into the actions of Wisconsin Supreme Court Justices Ann Walsh Bradley, Rebecca Dallet, Jill Karofsky, Janet Protasiewicz, and Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge Audrey Skwierawski who assumed Koschnick’s position. The complaints say, “Upon information […]

The Kleefisches Celebrate a “Fairytale” Engagement

The daughter of former Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch and former state representative Joel Kleefisch was engaged Sunday night in a truly fairytale moment. While playing the role of Cinderella, Ella Kleefisch was proposed to by her boyfriend, Gabe Hanna, who was playing Prince Charming. The proposal happened during a Cinderella production at the Sun Prairie Civic Theatre. The couple shared the news in an Instagram post on Monday.   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Gabe Hanna (@gabe_hanna) Ella’s mother, former Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch, announced the engagement on her Facebook page, saying “Congratulations to my sweet […]

Liberal Justices Wanted Their Dem Political Operative to Run State Courts, 2 Sources Say

Wisconsin’s liberal Supreme Court justices initially wanted to pick their Democratic political campaign operative, Sachin Chheda, to run the state Courts System, two sources told Wisconsin Right Now as bipartisan criticism continues to grow over their sudden firing of respected state Courts Director Randy Koschnick. In fact, Sachin Chheda is probably the state’s highest-profile Democratic political operative. According to his bio, Chheda’s only court-related experience, if you can call it that, appears to be serving as deputy director for the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty. It’s a massive responsibility; Koschnick had years of experience as a chief judge, […]

Former Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz Accuses Liberal Justices of ‘Partisan Witch Hunt’

It took the new liberal majority on the Wisconsin Supreme Court less than 24 hours to become embattled over a controversial – and unexplained – decision. Former Madison, Wisconsin, mayor David Cieslewicz, a self-described “sort of liberal,” says the new liberal majority on the state Supreme Court has engaged in a “senseless partisan witch hunt” […]

‘Power Hungry’ Wisconsin Liberal Justices Violated Oaths, Law Over Firing: Senate Leader

“The Wisconsin Constitution grants administrative authority to the chief justice, not the court majority. Today, the court majority decided to ignore the constitution and bestow that power onto themselves” – state Sen. Van Wanggaard on the Wisconsin liberal justices The chair of the state Senate’s Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety has slammed the new […]

Randy Koschnick Firing: Justice Annette Ziegler Slams Liberal Majority’s ‘Reckless Conduct’

The Randy Koschnick firing, which happened Wednesday, has sparked strong condemnation from the Wisconsin Supreme Court’s conservative justices. Supreme Court Justice Annette Ziegler slammed the new liberal majority’s firing of respected State Courts Director Randy Koschnick Wednesday, calling it “reckless conduct” and an “unauthorized action.” Ziegler, the chief justice, said she wouldn’t seek to stop […]

Viral Video Shows Watertown Police Handcuffing Christian Youth, Grabbing Mic

A viral Watertown police video appears to show officers handcuffing a Christian youth and grabbing his microphone as he recited a prayer on a public sidewalk. Based on the video, it appears that police objected to sound amplification. A man named Tony shared the video on Twitter, writing, “🚨BREAKING: Young man arrested for sharing the […]

Jack Smith Interferes in the 2024 Election by Indicting Trump – Yes, Again

Before we start throwing political opponents in jail like some banana republic based on legal stretches or theories, trust the voters to sort it out. Remember them? Reading the third Trump indictment (yes, third!), one is reminded of the Durham report into the Russia hoax. Remember that? It disappeared after barely a blip in the […]

Rebecca Bradley: Randy Koschnick Firing Is Political Purge, ‘Abuse of Power’

Conservative Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Bradley has slammed the planned firing of State Courts Director Randy Koschnick, calling it a political purge and “abuse of power” that is “unprecedented and illegitimate.” In response to a news story on the new liberal majority’s planned firing of Koschnick, a respected former chief judge who once ran […]

Democrats’ Blatantly False, Manufactured Watertown Controversy Against Rep. Barb Dittrich

Elected Wisconsin Democrats are now blatantly lying to score political points against an elected Republican, in this case, state Rep. Barb Dittrich, in the controversy over the vile neo-Nazis who showed up in Watertown. Yet the media aren’t calling the Democrats out on their lies, even as the same journalists often affix the word “false” […]

Trump Expects Indictment Over Jan. 6 ‘Any day now’

Former President Donald Trump said Monday that he expects to be indicted "any day now" by U.S. Special Counsel Jack Smith over his conduct after the 2020 election.

"I assume that an Indictment from Deranged Jack Smith and his highly partisan gang of Thugs, pertaining to my PEACEFULLY & PATRIOTICALLY Speech, will be coming out any day now," Trump posted on his social media platform.

He said the indictment was part of ongoing efforts to disrupt his 2024 presidential bid. Trump is leading polls for the GOP nomination despite state and federal criminal charges over hush-money payments to an adult film actress and his handling of classified documents after leaving office.

Over the weekend, multiple media outlets reported that Trump's political action committee, Save America, was expected to report that it spent about $40 million in legal fees in the first half of 2023 to defend Trump and his advisers.

The former president's legal costs could mount if additional criminal charges surface in Georgia and Washington D.C.

"This seems to be the way they do it," Trump posted on Truth Social. "ELECTION INTERFERENCE! PROSECUTORIAL MISCONDUCT!"

Earlier this month, Trump announced that Smith informed him he is the target of a criminal probe related to the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

In June, Trump pleaded not guilty to 37 counts that allege he kept sensitive military documents, shared them with people who didn't have security clearance, and tried to get around the government's efforts to get them back.

In April, Trump pleaded not guilty to 34 felony counts in New York related to charges he paid hush money to adult film actress Stormy Daniels through a lawyer before the 2016 presidential election and covered it up as a legal expense before being elected president.

Hunter Biden Friend Testimony Ramps Up Investigation into Presidential Family

House Committee on Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer, R-Ky., laid out a litany of new evidence in the ongoing investigation into an alleged Biden family “bribery scheme” Monday after interviewing one of the Biden family’s business associates.

Comer interviewed Devon Archer, a long-time friend of Hunter Biden who attended Yale with him and has ties to the Ukrainian energy company Burisma. Hunter Biden served on the board of Burisma, which allegedly paid millions of dollars to the Biden family as part of a “bribery scheme.”

“Devon Archer’s testimony today confirms Joe Biden lied to the American people when he said he had no knowledge about his son’s business dealings and was not involved. Joe Biden was ‘the brand’ that his son sold around the world to enrich the Biden family,” Comer said.

Most notably, Comer said that Archer alleged that President Biden met with Hunter Biden’s business partners more than “20 times,” directly refuting the president’s previous claim that he did not discuss the matter with his son.

“When Joe Biden was Vice President of the United States, he joined Hunter Biden’s dinners with his foreign business associates in person or by speakerphone over 20 times,” Comer said. “When Burisma’s owner was facing pressure from the Ukrainian prosecutor investigating the company for corruption, Archer testified that Burisma executives asked Hunter to ‘call D.C.’ after a Burisma board meeting in Dubai.”

Biden has repeatedly dismissed questions about his involvement in any overseas deals of this kind and Democrats have downplayed the seriousness of the investigation, including Archer’s contribution.

Comer’s comments come after IRS whistleblowers testified earlier this month that the Biden family and its associates received about $17 million distributed to about 20 shell companies from Chinese, Romanian and Ukrainian entities.

The comments came after a four-hour transcribed interview behind closed doors with Archer, who had previously canceled the interview but finally went through with it Monday. Archer, who faces prison time for conspiracy to defraud a Native American tribe, declined to comment to reporters who questioned him as he arrived on Capitol Hill Monday.

Over the weekend, controversy erupted after the Department of Justice sent a letter to a federal judge saying that Archer report to jail to begin his sentence.

Critics blasted the decision from the DOJ, saying it was politically motivated, though Archer did not echo that sentiment.

The House Oversight Committee released a timeline of events Monday based on Archer’s testimony and version of events.

From the Committee:

Devon Archer testified that the value of adding Hunter Biden to Burisma’s board was “the brand” and confirmed that then-Vice President Joe Biden was “the brand.”Archer admitted that “Burisma would have gone out of business if ‘the brand’ had not been attached to it.” He believed that Hunter Biden being on the board and the Biden brand contributed to Burisma’s longevity. People would have been intimidated to mess with Burisma legally because of the Biden brand.In December 2015, Mykola Zlochevsky, the owner of Burisma, and Vadym Pozharski, an executive of Burisma, placed constant pressure on Hunter Biden to get help from D.C. regarding the Ukrainian prosecutor, Viktor Shokin. Shokin was investigating Burisma for corruption. Hunter Biden, along with Zlochevsky and Pozharski, “called D.C.” to discuss the matter. Biden, Zlochevsky, and Pozharski stepped away to make the call. This raises concerns that Hunter Biden was in violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act.Devon Archer testified that Hunter Biden put then-Vice President Joe Biden on the speakerphone during business meetings over 20 times. Archer testified that Joe Biden was put on the phone to sell “the brand.” These phone calls include a dinner in Paris with a French energy company and in China with Jonathan Li, the CEO of BHR.Archer acknowledged that then-Vice President Biden had coffee with Jonathan Li, the CEO of BHR, in Beijing. Then-Vice President Biden even wrote a letter of recommendation for college for Li’s daughter.Archer confirmed Joe Biden was referred to as “my guy” by Hunter Biden.In spring of 2014, then-Vice President Biden attended a business dinner with his son, Hunter, and his associates at Café Milano in Washington, D.C. Elena Baturina, a Russian oligarch who is the widow of the former mayor of Moscow, attended the dinner. Notably, the Biden Administration’s public sanctions list for Russian oligarchs does not contain Baturina.

Partisan ‘Janet Court’ Takes 1st Shot Against Conservatives With Planned Firing of Respected State Courts Director

“This is highly unusual. This is a wrecking ball” – Director of State Courts Randy Koschnick The extremely left-wing and partisan “Janet Protasiewicz court” is about to take its first shot against conservatives in Wisconsin with the planned unprecedented firing of Director of State Courts Randy Koschnick, while he is out of state and without […]

Part 3: Associations Used to Justify Transgender Treatments for Wisconsin Minors Are Riddled With Bias, Conflict of Interest Questions

This is part 3 in a multipart series exploring gender treatments in Wisconsin hospitals.  Three major hospitals in Wisconsin that perform gender surgeries and/or treatments on minors justify them by relying on guidelines from three associations with lofty-sounding names. However, those associations are riddled with ideological bias and conflict of interest concerns and once considered […]

Trump Dominates Primary Opponents, Polls Show

Newly released polling shows that former President Donald Trump holds a sizable lead over an array of Republican primary challengers.

A New York Times/Siena College poll released Monday shows that Trump has held on to his lead with 54% support from Republicans. In a distant second place is Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who has 17%, followed by several candidates around 2-3%.

According to the new poll, former Vice President Mike Pence, Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., and former ambassador and South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley all have 3% support.

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and author and entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy both have 2% support. Polls have varied significantly in how well lower-polling candidates are faring. Recent polls have showed either Ramaswamy or Pence polling higher.

Regardless, one trend is clear across polls: A major lead for Trump.

That poll comes after a CBS news poll released over the weekend shows 60% of Americans disapprove of the job President Joe Biden is doing as president.

Trump had a lead over DeSantis last year but saw his numbers shoot up after federal agents raided his Mar-a-Lago estate for classified documents, kicking off a string of legal problems for the former president.

Trump’s poll numbers, though, have seemingly been propelled by the targeting, which the former president calls a coordinated, corrupt attempt to keep him from winning the White House.

“Hillary Clinton deleted 33,000 Emails, many of them Classified, after getting a Subpoena from Congress,” Trump posted Sunday on TruthSocial, his social media site of choice. “Nothing happened to her, & stupid James Comey, then head of the FBI, stated that no reasonable prosecutor would prosecute this. Then why is Deranged Jack Smith prosecuting me when I did nothing wrong, as per the PRA? The answer is Election Interference - They are using the Department of Injustice in an attempt to Rig & Steal the Presidential Election on 2024. This is Prosecutorial Misconduct!”

Gov. Evers Promises Veto of Transgender Sports Ban

(The Center Square) – Wisconsin will not see a law that keeps transgender girls out of female sports in the state.

Gov. Tony Evers on Tuesday took to Twitter to promise a veto of the legislation from Republican lawmakers that would put transgender athletes in their own category in Wisconsin high schools and colleges.

“Trans kids, people, and families are part of our world. And any time you want to mess with them, you’re going to get a veto from me. Pretty simple,” Evers said in a tweet.

Evers’ promise is not a surprise.

No one at the Wisconsin Capitol expected the governor to sign the Save Women’s Sports Act from Rep. Barb Dittrich, R-Oconomowoc, and Sen. Dan Knodl, R-Germantown, who reintroduced the plan last week.

“This legislation will ensure that female athletes continue to have equal access to athletic opportunities and safe competition under the spirit of Title IX,” Knodl said at the time. “As the father of two daughters and former student athletes, I am committed to upholding a level playing field where female athletes can thrive, compete, and excel.”

Dittrich said the plan is about fairness.

“To every biological girl & woman out there, we see you,” Dittrich said on Twitter last week. “You matter! You don't have to keep giving your awards to boys & men. Our fed'l gov't made sure that you would be protected under Title IX. We reject this assault on your protected spaces & categories.”

Gov. Evers said questions about trans kids and young people playing girls’ sports is a political issue.

“It's wrong for us to take people that have different views, different ways of life, and mess with their lives. I find that atrocious. So, yeah, it is a national issue. It's an idiotic national issue. And it's disgusting,” Evers added.

There’s no word just when Wisconsin lawmakers will take-up the Save Women’s Sports Act, the legislature has largely wrapped-up its business for the year.

Milwaukee Police: 11-Year-old Boy in Custody for Shooting 7-Year-old Boy

An 11-year-old boy has been taken into custody in relation to the shooting of a 7-year-old boy. Milwaukee Police are investigating the shooting which occurred on July 30th at approximately 3:50 PM in the 2600 block of N. 5th St. According to Milwaukee Police, the 7-year-old boy arrived at a local hospital for treatment of […]

Senators Introduce Resolution Condemning Biden’s ‘Unserious Border Policies’

Seven Republican U.S. senators, led by Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, introduced a joint resolution to condemn a federal policy created by the Biden administration through a federal agency rule-making process called the Circumvention of Lawful Pathways Rule.

They did so as the Biden administration has held fast to its plan to facilitate the migration of and release into the U.S. of as many people as possible from all over the world. Biden spoke of the plan in January, which was devised in cooperation with other world leaders and publicly announced two years ago.

The rule created additional ways to funnel foreign nationals “into unlawful parole programs that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has set up without Congress’ consent,” the senators said in a joint statement. It went into effect May 11, the same day the public health authority Title 42 ended.

Joining Cornyn are Sens. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee, Katie Britt and Tommy Tuberville of Alabama, Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming, Ted Budd of North Carolina, Steve Daines of Montana and Cindy Hyde-Smith of Missouri.

“The Biden administration’s rule is an unserious attempt at resolving the border crisis and is full of loopholes that the cartels will easily exploit to continue moving unlawful migrants into the United States and overwhelm our Border Patrol,” Cornyn said. “Rather than stop unlawful migration, President Biden is using this rule to funnel the migrants into unlawful parole programs, and this resolution would put an end to this shell game to hide an unprecedented level of illegal immigration.”

Among other things, the rule created a new parole program to allow up to 30,000 citizens each from Venezuela, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Cuba to enter the U.S., or an additional 120,000 every month.

The parole program has since expanded to include citizens of Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

At the same time, the administration announced it was coordinating with the governments of Mexico, Canada, Spain, Colombia and Guatemala to expand entry to the U.S. “through a combination of expanded lawful pathways.”

Through the rule, DHS also launched the new CBP One mobile app, which a federal court in California just held is illegal. The administration has instructed foreign nationals to use the app to make appointments at CBP processing centers at land ports of entry before they arrive at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Once they apply through the app, they arrive at their appointment, undergo a background check, and are released into the U.S., with some exceptions. They are given court dates to meet with an immigration official three to four years in the future. They are also given work authorization papers to begin working in the U.S. while they wait years for a court hearing to determine if they are allowed to legally remain in the U.S.

DHS and the State Department also opened processing centers in other countries for the first time in U.S. history, beginning in Columbia, Guatemala and Mexico. Citizens of these countries use the app to make appointments with an immigration specialist to help expedite their application before they ever leave for the U.S.

To facilitate the expanded parole program, DHS allocated $15 million to a new Case Management Pilot Program to provide voluntary case management and other services to noncitizens to increase compliance with court dates and accelerate processing times to help them stay in the U.S.

The rule allows foreign nationals to claim asylum at any place or time even after they’ve been denied asylum in a different country prior to their arrival in the U.S., the senators point out.

“The first two of these three pathways constitute an abuse of the DHS Secretary’s parole authority,” they said, “which under our immigration law is only to be used on a true case-by-case basis.”

The rule, which is full of loopholes and easily exploitable, they argue, “is not a serious attempt at resolving the crisis on the southern border, and it does nothing to deter migrants from unlawfully migrating to the U.S.”

While deterring migration to the U.S. may be the goal of the senators, it is not the stated goal of the Biden administration. At a summit in Mexico City on Jan. 10, Biden said, “We’re trying to make it easier for people to get here, opening up the capacity to get here.”

In his remarks in January, Biden said he’d previously agreed with world leaders to facilitate more people coming to the U.S. at a North American Summit in Washington, D.C. in 2021. The agreement, which has the support of 21 countries, was formalized in the 2022 Los Angeles Declaration on Migration and Protection.

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